Deyuan Smart Technology(Fujian) Co., Ltd.
Pharmaceutical Machinery

Along with the people to the food hygiene safety concern, the material used on the power transmission parts for application of the food machinery, refrigeration equipment, medical machinery etc have also been further improved:anti-bacterial,acid and alkali-resistant, washable (rust-resistance), non-toxic, etc are some of most important features.LDK has designed series of products especially for those applications:

Anti-bacterial thermoplastic bearing units with stainless steel insert bearings;

All stainless steel mounted bearing units;

All Stainless steel rod end bearings;

Thermoplastic rod end bearings.

The anti-bacterial performance of LDK's plastic housing of has been certified by SGS.

LDK's stainless steel insert bearings are factory- lubricated with FDA & H1 approved food-grade grease.